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08.15.2012 , 12:59 PM | #7
Knight: Human or Miraluka, but I also think Zabrak fits pretty well (Knight is the most fitting Zabrak Jedi, anyway, even if Zabrak's not the most fitting Knight).
Consular: Miraluka or Mirialan, the Force-centric races.
Trooper: I agree Zabrak is best here.
Smuggler: Twi'lek. No, really. Especially female. It's a perfect template for an escaped slave or unscrupulous playboy, and when you make your whole living on being overlooked or underestimated it helps a lot to be a species everyone looks down on.

Warrior: Zabrak or Sith. Zabrak's a bit of a stretch with the bloodline thing, but they're accorded higher respect in the Empire than other aliens at least, and of course, there's Maul to consider.
Inquisitor: I think Rattataki works best here, but anything other than Human/Zabrak/Sith/Cyborg/Chiss fits; bringing over a Mirialan or Miraluka via Legacy makes for a good story.
Bounty Hunter: Human or Cyborg, though Zabrak works too. Chiss seem too... orderly, and it seems like there's too much prejudice for any of the other races to make a good living in the Empire in a freelance job.
Operative: Human or Chiss. Human makes more sense but the class concept is clearly drawn from Thrawn, so much like the Zabrak Warrior there's a lore-based exemption.

... huh. Zabrak gets around, eh? And I don't even like them much in this game. (The tattoos are just sad, especially pub side.)