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This invincible shield that these classes when their health gets below a certain % lasts way too long in pvp. I don't care that they have that ability but it lasts too long and it needs a nerf. It is bad enough they can also stealth in mid combat (which is also unfair) and have multiple stun moves. This class is over populating the pvp games and because so many people now play this class we don't see as many healers or tanks in pvp it is all just melee dps. It is ruining the team aspect of pvp when nearly 90% of the server population that pvps rolls a maruader type class. I have pvp'd every single day for the past week and been hard pressed to get lucky enough to end up on a team where it wasn't all dps melee chars.
Just reading what you typed tells me you are completely clueless on how this class works. So going along with that, you are probably a terrible PvPer bc you dont know what other classes are actually using against you.

My favorite: "have multiple stun moves" Dude, they have the least stuns and no knock backs.

Pro tip: Do not 1v1 them they will kill you every time. That is thier specialty.
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