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OK so I've been running Hardmode Flashpoints for quite a while now, and have cleared all of them with no difficulty except for Lost Island, which is still a pain in the a***, well that droid is anyway.
So today in order to knock off both the Daily and Weekly missions, myself and a Guild mate (a Sage Healer) queued for a tier 1 HM in the GF. We got Maelstrom Prison, which I have beaten more times than any other HM (apart from Esseles). I was playing Tank with my Jedi Guardian and we had a Gunslinger and a Vanguard for DPS. We tore through the mission, beating all the bosses up to the last one without any problems at all.
The fight with Kilran started off pretty much as usual, I went in and grabbed agro on Kilran and his goons while the DPS wiped them out. Then Kilran does his best Batman impression and disappears up the field in a puff of smoke leaving all of us with that movement debuff. So we make our way up the field, using the pillars to hide form Sniper shot and AoEing down the Adds. When we get to Kilran after killing all the Adds his invulnerability (and our movement debuff) stay up far longer than usual, but we soon have him knocked down to 30% health. So he does his disappearing act again and we make out way towards him, hiding from sniper shot and blasting away the adds.
Usually when you reach Kilran, after dispatching his add, you can just leap straight in a kill him. But when we got there he was still invulnerable and our movement was still impaired. So we stayed behind the pillar, popping out just long enough to taunt him or hit him with a ranged attack, waiting for him to become vulnerable. Then he Enraged, I have never ever seen this guy enrage before, like I said the DPS was good so it wasn't a case of us not taking him down quick enough. Besides he enraged while still invulnerable so there was nothing the DPS could do anyway. Once he enraged his sniper shot (which can't be interrupted) was a virtual 1 hit kill for anyone not in Heavy armor.
On our 3rd attempt we just stayed behind the pillars and didn't even attempt ranged attacks or taunts hoping we could just burn him down fast when he finally became vulnerable. 3 of us were hiding behind the pillar and 1 (The Vanguard) was hiding behind the crates on the other side of the room. I didn't see if she broke cover and got sniped but she went down first. Then our healer bit the dust, shot through the pillar from what I could tell, then I got 1 hit KO'd and I couldn't even see Kilran because of the pillar. Then while I was waiting to re-spawn at med center, the Gunslinger went down, again shot clean through the pillar.
Now I know Kilran was one of the biggest wimps before but if this is Bioware's idea of making him tougher then could I politely suggest that they have gone a bit over the top. Sure this guy needed more HP and more attack power to bring him into line with other bosses of his level, but this was ridiculous.
How is it even remotely fair that he enrages (I timed it on the 3rd run, it was around 4 mins) while he is still invulnerable and can 1 hit kill you with a non interruptable attack that apparently can hit you though solid objects. At least the Sith Emperors finishing move could be interrupted.
Has anyone else encountered this yet and has anyone found a way of beating the new super charged Grand Moff?
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