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07.29.2012 , 01:52 PM | #28
The JK certainly feels epic, but then again, it's just like every game, you are an epic dude/dudette saving the galaxy. Though i did play my JK as a morally grey snob, who thought too high of herself. The crews feels like a bunch of wannabe and real bada**es :P

The Consular is has a slower pace, about mysteries of the force and diplomacy, more like an everyday jedi. Some of the crew are bland....

The Smuggler is a light-hearted story, you are out for your own good and happened to help the Republic along the way. The lines are hilarious and so far, with the best crew interactions. Your comps feel more like a crew than the other classes. If you are looking for something epic, look somewhere else :P

Got a Trooper and BH, but haven't finished them yet. The Trooper feels a lot like Mass Effect, recruit dudes/dudettes to accomplish your missions.

BH isn't bad, wouldn't say it's awesome...some of the crew feels out of place.