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I have 5 50s now. JK, SW, SI, BH and IA. I'd have to say the sith warrior storyline is my favorite, followed closely by imperial agent. They just have a much more coherent overall storyline, with all the arcs building up and leading into one another more smoothly. The payoff for the sith warrior, that feeling of satisfaction at the end, is really great. Though they have to be played as mostly light side, since if you're full dark side, you just become the galaxy's biggest psychopath/jerk who's a ******* for the sake of being a *******.

Oh yeah, if you enjoy having everyone around you treat you like royalty and suck your dick, then SW is also great for that. They're all 'my lord this' and 'my lord that' after you finish your training, you also get your own slave with a shock collar. On the other hand, if you're some kind of masochist, IA is for you, i won't spoil it by saying more.