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So if you play a sentinel or marauder (I play a sent so my references are all sent based), then you know about the GCD waste problem. What happens is you either mash your keyboard or spam click (whichever you are, I keybind) the GCD activates but your ability does not nor does it go on CD, but I have had cases where it does go on CD without actually doing damage. This bug has been out since probably 1.2.3. I know it was early 1.2 and was never properly addressed. I have done some talking with players that play this class and it seems that some players experience this GCD waste an some claim it was fixed for them. However it is not fixed for everyone. I and many others still have this problem an the most I can get out of it is that this happens mostly on Master Strike, blade storm and Merciless slash(watchmen tree last tier ability). Now the frequency varies per player is what I also gathered. 2 friends I talked to said it happens every 1/7 abilities/GCD's roughly. My e Provence is more like 1/5. Now this may seem like a low rate and I agree it is BUT when it is happening on your most powerful moves, that is cutting into the players total damage, dps, and overall effectiveness in a pvp math and mainly in pve is where this am issue. Let's do some quick math below bioware, I will help you cuz I don't trust your math, it's shown itself to fail multiple times.

One boss fight such as Foreman Crusher in KP where melee dps can pretty much just beat on him the whole fight with little movement. Let's say I use 100GCD's to make math easy, realistically players use probably close to 200. But 100x.20 (1/5 is 20% =.20)=20. That is 20 GCD's I waste. Now let's do math for the amount of damage that could have been dealt. Since I am a fully geared campaign sentinel, my master strike deals roughly 6.5k, blade storm for 3.5k, and merciless slash for 4k all be generous on those numbers as it will be higher or lower by a small fraction. Now for an average damage that is 4666.6 repeating damage per GCD with averaging those three ability damages. 4666.6x20=93333.3 repeating. That is almost 100k damage per fight I am missing just on 100GCD uses and that's average because again these are the abilities that are going on GCD waste as I call it. Now realistically 200GCD's would double the damage I'm missing. So as you can see there is a huge problem here.

Did the math for you, explained the problem, said which abilities, all laid out for you bioware, obvious bug is obvious, fix it soon within the next few patches.
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