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07.15.2012 , 02:36 PM | #20
Played almost everyone up to chapter 3+(and watched the rest :P ) I'd rank them as follows:

Republic: Smuggler >> JK >>>>> trooper >>>> JC
Empire: SW >> BH = IA >>>>>>> SI (too many "ghosts" for me)

Overall: Smuggler >> SW >> JK > BH = IA >> SI >>>> trooper >>>> JC

Many people love IA due to large number of endings, but the companions are awful as said before and the writing has many weak points imo. I loved the IA story at first (was my first char), but after I actually played the other storylines, my opinion changed.

All of the highly ranked stories have interesting twists, smuggler has the best lines in the game hands down.

Also, going SW is much more interesting as gray/light.