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7. Late/missing Cartel Coins

Monthly Coin Grants

Your monthly Complimentary Cartel Coins are granted as close as possible to the start of your billing cycle. Sometimes it may take a few extra days for the coins to appear in your account, but we will make every effort to grant them to you as close as we can to the 30-day mark. However, in case of a delay, please wait for 72 hours before contacting us.

More information on Complementary Cartel Coins can be found here:

Purchased Cartel Coins

Cartel Coins purchased directly should arrive in-game almost instantly. You can check your updated balance by clicking the Coin icon in-game or by visiting your Cartel Coin ledger here.

If it is taking longer than than an hour, please create a ticket or post on the forums to let us know. Please include the approximate time that the purchase went through, whether you received a purchase confirmation mail, and whether the coins have appeared in your ledger.

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