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06.14.2012 , 02:33 AM | #16
For male: Mostly 2. It reflects myself best. And I have to have at least one thing I share in common with every character, even if it's just eye colour.

Although 3 has a special place for the likes of Juggernauts and either kind of trooper. I feel it's only right my juggernaut should draw inspiration from Vaders tall, imposing, less agile appearance. While a dedicated troopers body would reflect the advantages of both genetic brilliance and long hours of training.

Their mirrors on the otherhand I feel differently. JKs in general strike me as the heroes who are capable of tackling bigger foes through a graceful display of skill. While bounty hunters, still with some physical prowess, fall back more on the clever use of their unconventional equipment.

For female: 2 definetly 2. Every other body has something I like about it. Just not 3. Ugh square-jawed women.