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Republic: SIS Agent (modeled after Theron Shan, med armor)
AC: Teras Kasi - melee/mifd-range tank/melee DPS w/pistol (tech blade?) - Animations would use martial arts (not the pistol) for melee, debuffs, CC
AC: Slicer - healer/range DPS w/pistol - Pet summons (Creature Handler, droids maybe), group buffs, uber-companions, CC

Empire: Imperial Officer (military, option of getting Moff title at 50)
AC: Troop Commander - melee/mid-range tank/melee DPS w/rifle - Animations would use rifle strikes and droid companions, debuffs, CC
AC: Tactician (or Tech Specialist) - healer/range DPS w/rifle - Pet summons (Creature Handler, Imp troopers or bio-creatures maybe), group buffs, uber-companions, CC
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