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It's not happening this year - they're not even pretending it will. How anyone can believe these people at this point is beyond me. Enjoy the game for what's in it now - of course they say they have all kinds of "stuff" written. They even say they've got stuff from the people they fired. Are they going to spend money to produce this stuff? Not in the foreseeable future.

I hate to be a downer but seriously - you're talking about a feature a guy they fired promised a year ago would be in soon after launch and now definitely won't be in even after the first skill cap increase, so at least another 6 months. There's not enough role-playing in this world to convince me they haven't tossed this overboard as super-low priority on their list.
I'll take the factual statements and the simplicity that there IS new story content, it's called Makeb, we know what we know, stop spreading your doom gloom never gonna happen spin, because unless the Devs outright state that we won't see any, I have a hard time believing you, they promised this year and they promised with major content, simple as that.

You also blatantly assume they are only doing one level cap increase, or that it will even be related to the level cap AT ALL.