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06.08.2012 , 11:16 AM | #20
I kind of agree with most of what was said with certain classes and more importantly voice affects the look of the character. My main is a consular and I picked the type 3 body type for him. (voice unheard) and i'm glad I did that deep booming voice wouldn't seem right coming out of the type 1 or even type 2 body, Type 4 would be ok with the consular as well IMO.

My Two female characters 1 is a scoundrel and she's type 2 body type (cyborg), and my sith inquisitor is a RAtataki in type 4 and with the no hair her proportions seem to work.

My other 2 alts ( a Sentinal (zabrak) and a trooper (miraluin) are both type 2 bodies because i feel the voice feels more suited to the body style.

I am thinking of rolling a type 4 body style, with the sith mirror of the guardian just because i think it'll look cool