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I think that it really depends on your attitude towards the game. If you want your characters to look realistic, body type 2 for both genders is the way to go.

I however think of it as a game in a totally unrealistic fantasy/sci-fi setting, which allows for more freedom, without being detrimental to your gaming experience.

My females are all body type 1. This is because it is, in a gaming experience, the sexiest type. Most men think slim = good, and I'm no different. Obviously, in real life any girl with that waist size would look disturbingly anorexic, but here it's simply not the case, because your girls get it, while retaining those great, flimsy curves. Completely unrealistic (and perhaps slightly sexist), but great for games like this.

For males, every body type works. I only have two male characters, and they're type 1 and type 3, respectively. My type one is a Rattataki Sith Assassin, who behaves like a total brat (sarcastic, egotistical and vain). His posture gives him a subtle comical dimension, but his ego is big enough not to feel like a clown when playing him.

My type 3 is my Human Operative. Most people go for the smaller builds when playing agents, but I think my guy is the coolest agent I've seen so far. When I made my Operative, I wanted to make him really scary-looking. Not by giving him scars or sith affliction stuff. In the end, I came up with a character looking like Jafar off Disney's Aladdin - on STEROIDS. With yellow eyes, which turned out to be a nice subtle touch. Combat looks great as well - when I swing that huge body of mine to pierce an enemy's spine with my dagger, it looks amazing. Not to mention it's way cooler to see this physically threatening man stealth about than that scrawny guy that nobody would notice anyway. The contrast with the voice acting is also great - the high, fast-talking whispering voice works great alongside my towering posture. I can totally imagine this conversation:

Watcher 6 - Hey, lad. You new here?
Fixer 11 - Yes, sir. Jolly glad to be here, sir.
Watcher 6 - Absolutely fabulous. Say, could you help me out here? I need this file to reach Cipher 9's office, but I er... I happen to be quite busy doing... somethin.
Fixer 11 - Oh, it's no bother, sir.
Watcher 6 - Oh, you have my thanks. His office is down that corridor. Good luck!


Fixer 11 - (knocks) Excuse me, is this Cipher 9's office?
Me - (softspokenly) Yes, enter.
Fixer 11 - (comes in) Well, I was asked to deliver this - SWEET MOTHER OF THE EMPEROR!! (faints)