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For me, the Trooper and Bounty Hunter show off their armor better in Body Type 3 but I find that certain races don't look as good in 3. For instance, Body Type 3 is amazing for both Zabrak colors and Twi'lek. But Chiss and Ratataki look better as Body Type 2. Cyborg look good as 2 and 3. Body type 1 looks too skinny. Body Type 4 looks good for all but Smuggler because his duster fits weird on the bigger body type. This is all males.

Female Body Type 4 looks good for light and heavy armor, but weird for medium. Body Type 3 is too tall for me. Body Type 2 is the norm for me and 1 is too skinny with the exception of Twi'lek looks good in 1 too.
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