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im asking some info from people who more into these Story Lores and stuff

Are Sith warriors Only a Tool for the Unlimited Power wielder Inquisitors ?
my main is a light sided Sith Sorc i Realy Like The story Power collecting Death Sithlords ghosts Draining etc to be the strongest and the way How the Inquisitor want to Change the WHOLE empire.

i like the Abilities too Etc etc.
i just dont like the mechanic 's ( Forced to have a Tanking Companion bicous you survival is pathetic WHERE is the Unlimited power ? ) and i REALY love if my char feels like its unkilable.

I started to play a Sith jugg
only around lvl 24

im folowing the story and it feels like im just a Mindles warrior for the Inq ?
No mysteries no Hiden powers just go and kill.

and in the story of Inquisitor i saw they have powers that can basicaly rip your Soul apart by just raising his hand.
what a Warrior have ? a Lightsaber ?
my Sorc is lvl 36
i Realy have a hard time choosing a main

i mostly like the playstile of the jugg and im leaning to it to be my main instead but EVERY time i remember these stuff that i just writed down i look on my char like a weakling and totaly and i mean TOTALY sets me of to play it.

is there some HIDEN story somewhere or something that shows that they CAN be REALY powerfull not just a tool that can die by an INQ that just raised his hand to destroy his soul ???
Here's an idea for you. Troll Baras every chance you get, make LS decisions and back them up with "If you don't like it, I'll kill you where you stand" lines. It's a blast to play LS, and I'm with you that the DS SW feels like a complete tool.
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