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you got to admit binding ghosts killing a dark council member earning a cult on nar shadda? right all that done by imperial soldier? I don't think so. And SI earns a apprentice which kills over acolytes with bare hands (xalek) anyone else want to add anything??
There is no plotting involved in any of that by the SI.


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BTW SI has a ancestor which made tulak hord scared what else do you want?? and yea as you say i could go on but there is no point what so ever

I prefer playing as SW because they are like darth vader but im saying that SI are quiet powerful as well

And who cares whether the SI is powerful or not, the discussion chain has been about whether ot not he is a manipulator. And the SI isn't, he is a brute who knows how to throw force lightning around.

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See, with the inquisitor I can understand why people have to help them and they need all this extra goody crap. Remember you began as a slave. The ONLY reason they shipped your butt to Korriban is because you could make shiny lightning. If you didn't have that ability, you'd still be scrubbing toilets for your slave master.

You just got REAL lucky to be one with the Force.

The Sith Warrior says something about it being in their blood and they more than likely arrived on Korriban of their own free will. I'm pretty sure when they found out they could use force powers, they stepped on people to be the first in line on the newb shuttle to newb land.

So, even though they end up in two different places, it's understandable.
I have no problem with the SI needing help. Certainly the SW doesn't just go and do everything without any help. That would make for a boring class story. The problem with the SI is that he never does anything on his own initiative, he is always following the plans of someone else without doing any thinking for himself. It also doesn't help that the SI is suppsoed to the Palpatinish storyline and yet it lack all the hallmarks that one would expect from such a story.
A Primer on the Emperor(yes this does have spoiler)

One Night Stands and Similar Encounter (spoilers again, and I am probably going to repost this sometime in the future)