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Yeah, I don't think there is anything "weak" about the Sith Warrior, especially compared to the Sith Inquisitor. Whereas a significant portion of the latter's story is all about going planet to planet to augment their power, the Sith Warrior pretty much just steamrolls through their enemies without needing to rely on the scraps left over from dead Sith Lords. It's especially noticeable if you compare the cutscenes in their respective stories.

The tool comment is...kinda of valid? I guess? The Sith Warrior does spend most of their story as an enforcer and actually ends it that way too, but they're actually given quite a few chances to build their own power base even under the strict scrutiny of their master.

Actually, that seems to be the primary difference between them. The Sith Warrior mainly seems to deal with "conventional" personal and political power while for the most part the Inquisitor sticks with Sith Magic and a smattering of politics in their story, which is really a shame. They aren't really allowed to be nearly as cunning in their stories as the "Palpatine" class should be. =/