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The Inquisitor is either an assassin or a sage dedicated to understanding the mysteries of the Force. The warrior (in either AC) is basically a focussed ball of rage and destruction.
One is a slim dagger placed precisely between the ribs of a target or a sharp scalpel surgically manipulating events from a distance. The other is a hammer and has the subtlety of 2 kilos of solid iron at the end of a long piece of wood.

The Warrior storyline is about rage, protection and killing stuff. The Inquisitor storyline is about betrayal at every turn and an unquenchable thirst for power. Fundamentally, they will follow different paths, and the Warrior might be manipulated by the Inquisitor in some ways, but in PvP and in a storyline where that manipulation happens, the Warrior would then slice the Inquisitor into bloody sushi.
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