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im asking some info from people who more into these Story Lores and stuff

Are Sith warriors Only a Tool for the Unlimited Power wielder Inquisitors ?
my main is a light sided Sith Sorc i Realy Like The story Power collecting Death Sithlords ghosts Draining etc to be the strongest and the way How the Inquisitor want to Change the WHOLE empire.

i like the Abilities too Etc etc.
i just dont like the mechanic 's ( Forced to have a Tanking Companion bicous you survival is pathetic WHERE is the Unlimited power ? ) and i REALY love if my char feels like its unkilable.

I started to play a Sith jugg
only around lvl 24

im folowing the story and it feels like im just a Mindles warrior for the Inq ?
No mysteries no Hiden powers just go and kill.

and in the story of Inquisitor i saw they have powers that can basicaly rip your Soul apart by just raising his hand.
what a Warrior have ? a Lightsaber ?
my Sorc is lvl 36
i Realy have a hard time choosing a main

i mostly like the playstile of the jugg and im leaning to it to be my main instead but EVERY time i remember these stuff that i just writed down i look on my char like a weakling and totaly and i mean TOTALY sets me of to play it.

is there some HIDEN story somewhere or something that shows that they CAN be REALY powerfull not just a tool that can die by an INQ that just raised his hand to destroy his soul ???