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*facepalm* The senator is not betraying the republic in ANY way shape or form. He is attempting to improve Diplomatic relations with a foreign power with which the Republic is currently at peace, and cut ties to an organization he sees as corrupt and meddlesome (Corrupt, debatable. Meddlesome... Definitely. I'd like to think the Jedi do more good than harm with their meddling, though). Now, we know "Sith are bad and Jedi are good," but he's certainly entitled to his own opinion. This is essentially you making the decision whether or not to commit the Watergate burglary.

Is the senator telling his constituents the full truth about his plans? I dunno. I highly suspect that at the very least, the senator is a public supporter of improved relations with the Sith, and a vocal critic of the Jedi*. The quest doesn't say (Oh, for access to proper dialogue trees). But if we started sacking politicians for not telling their constituents about their full plan... I don't think we'd have any politicians left.

*Which are not that uncommon opinions in the Republic at the moment, really.
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