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This is easily noticed in huttball. Get your 8 medals and win a 6-0 in 5 minutes or something, you'll end up getting like 110 comms.

If I remember right, there's more to it than that though. Devs even stated that you'll be rewarded more when your team does better, and that doing things like intentionally letting the other team in civil war win would be a bad idea.

This bears out in my experience:

I've had several games of voidstar now where both teams made it to the datacore. One team (the losing team) made it pretty late, 10-30 seconds left on the clock. Us (the winning team) would make it to the datacore lets say 30 seconds faster than them.

Then we're awarded 115 comms or something like that. After getting 8 medals and after being in the game nearly as long as you can be...well minus maybe 60-90 seconds.

So your performance in relation to the other team...AS WELL AS how long the game lasts, may figure in.