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good post. i really wish bioware would send a mail to players in game when they reach 50 that basically sums up how to gear up for all endgame content. there are so many clueless players in this game
Or at least they e-mail you with links to the various End-Game forums and guides and encourage you to read those guides. And to join the forums and stop being a creepy lurker.

Sticky this please, it's pretty useful.

Would be very good to go over keybinding in detail. Maybe link to some of the many guides on forums and on Youtube.

Also, other tips:

-Take the time outside of the game to sit down and analyze each warzone type and your class and spec. What I mean is, sit down and think about what your class and spec are best suited for in each warzone. Sometimes, what's good in one area is terrible in others. Sometimes, you realize that you can use certain abilities to accomplish goals that you might not have thought of while you were freaking out and dying. Make a battle plan for yourself. Decide what you should generally try to do in each warzone, and then do it. But keep your plan very general and open for adjustments on the fly. This will help you get a handle on how each warzone operates in spite of the variable conditions.

Once I did this, I found my skill level increase a bit. I was suddenly much more aware of what was going on around me, and because I was more aware, I was able to react more accurately. This doesn't mean I suddenly didn't still suck. But I sucked a little less, and was more useful.

-Try to call out the healers on the other side. This really helps people focus on players that need to be consistently killed, CC'd, and otherwise annoyed out of their minds.
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