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05.10.2012 , 09:36 AM | #4
This is very subjective and all people are going to do is if they're bad they're class sucks, this thread is major troll food and I suspect it will get out of hand, I bet bad maras will even say they're class sucks. I have 4 high level classes, assault vanguard, balance shadow, scrapper scoundrel and a watchman sentinel, I've leveled all the other ac's to at least 20, but those 4 are my mains and highest levels that I rotate with.

And the verdict is, I wreck face with all of them, I think every class in this game is viable but there are a lot of bad players that don't how to play. So imo all classes are the best classes I'm sure people will say omg maras are the best omg well you know what if you don't face tank ravage and stun them when they do ravage it helps immensly, if you stand there and take hits while they are using undying rage then yeah you're dumb, you just know how to react in certain instances. All classes are good, nuff said.
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