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Some things that I personally feel that need to be adressed.

Let's look at the companions list above. Most companions have either a Blaster Pistol or Rifle. However There are quite a few companions who use a melee weapon but use Aim as their Primary Stat.

Let's point out a few of them;

Qyzen Fess uses a Techblade, melee weapon, Looks like a Staff, but his primary stat is Aim? This doesn't make sense. Also In previous cutscenes prior to getting him as a companion have him shown with a Pistol.

This also goes for a few other companions as well.

Torian Caldera uses a Tech Staff, melee weapon, but also uses Aim as a Stat.

Skadge uses a Tech Blade, melee Tank, but uses Aim.

Elara Dorne Heals, all other Healers use Cunning, But she uses Aim? Heavy Armor as well. Maybe this is why? Need clarification.

Tanno Vic uses a Vibro Sword but uses Aim as a stat.

Yuun uses an Electro Staff also uses Aim. Shouldn't this be Willpower like Vector Hyllis?

Scorpio uses an Electro Staff but again usues Aim.

Akaavi Spaar uses an Electro Staff but also Aim as a stat.

and Finally We have our Robots for both sides. Neither one can even use a weapon, so they have to Melee; but yet their primary stat is also Aim.

We need to look into a future patch in regarding to fixing our companions Stats. I would like to suggest that maybe if they have a Melee Weapon then use Strength or Willpower as their main Stat. If they use a Blaster Pistol, Rifle, or Sniper Rifle then use Aim or Cunning. If they Heal then use Cunning if they dps then use Aim.

Any comments or likes please post below. Thanks.
Uh, Techblades and Techstaff are aim weapons. Vibroblades and electrostaffs are streght(sp?) and willpower. Yuun uses Techstaff.
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