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04.25.2012 , 09:41 AM | #30
I've taken a Vanguard to 37, a Commando to 50 and a Mercenary to 50.

Bounty hunter has the betetr story by far, Trooper one is average act 1, meh act 2 and pretty good act 3.

While both the Vanguard and commando are both fun to play, The Vanguard was my favorite, however Commando has the Healing option, so that's why i ended up with a merc and commando, guild needed healers so i changed from Vanguard to commando, already had leveled the merc.

My consular is 27...story is very boring, game play is fun as a shadow, game play on my Sorc (Sage) seems way OP in solo pve so kinda boring cause way to easy. (my sorc is 19)

hope that advice helps!

PS Playing my commando darkside was far preferable to my light side yes sir, right away sir Vanguard as well.