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04.24.2012 , 07:33 AM | #26
I'm at level 49 with my gunslinger just about to go to Voss, the storyline is nice my only complaint was the end of act two felt a little bland especially when you compare it to the troopers act 2, I didn't even know I had finished act two until I logged out and logged back in.

The gunslinger is fun to play though once your companion dies you go down very quickly.

My trooper Vanguard and Knight Guardian are both still in act one I'm enjoying the class mechanics of both of them since I prefer tanking to dps and I feel like I can use any companion for almost any situation unlike my gunslinger who really needs a tank for hard fights.

I'm enjoying the story of both of them some parts of the knight story are better and some parts of the trooper story are better such as the ending of Taris playing one right after the other the knight story is kind of bland in comparison.