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I appreciate this post and the effort behind it. Something I'm looking for and can't find anywhere is what secondary stats are best for companions to make optimal gear choices, and whether it's best to stick with a particular "type" for balanced improvements or stack for optimal stats based on some priority model.

In my case, I have a 31 trooper (vanguard) who is an armormech (340 atm). Reverse engineering of green schematics reveals 3 results so far:
1. Critical (+crit)
2. Overkill (+power)
3. Redoubt (+def)

My assumption is that tanks (i.e me, M1-4X) should wear redoubt, but i'm not so sure what's better for ranged dps (i.e. Aric) or heals (i.e. Elara).. I'm inclined to use overkill for both.

Second, at level 35-41 there are more "types" in base green schematics. For heavy armor:
1. "Defense Power" = +accuracy, +absorb (head, feet); +shield, +def (hands, legs); +accuracy, +def (chest)
2. "Powered Battle" = +accuracy, +crit (head, feet, hands, legs, chest)
3. "Heavy Medic" = +power, +alacrity (head); +crit, +surge (hands)
4. "Savage Assault" = +accuracy, +power (head, feet); +power, +surge (hands, legs); +accuracy, +crit (chest)
5. "Powered Bio-Tech" = +power, +alacrity (feet, hands); +crit, +alacrity (chest); +crit, +surge (legs), +def (waist)

Again, it's fairly obvious tanks should use Defense Power, but less obvious for heals & dps.

There's many more types 40+ (i.e. alloy, environmental bastion, etc), so I won't bother to enumerate here.
Not only do these "types" vary in secondary stats across slots (both outside and within sets), they also vary in aim vs. endurance. Some set pieces have aim > end while other set pieces have end > aim. I guess the idea is they're both important so balance the two rather than just stack +aim for dps.

I know it's perhaps not worth worrying over while leveling, but this (hopefully) points to the greater question: how best equip companions. Knowing this might also save me a ton of mats/time in crafting & reverse engineering.
All Trooper companions use Aim as their primary Stat. Endurance secondary. If it's a Tank then Defense Absorb, and Shield is their complimentary Stat, and if it's a healer then Crit, Surge and Alacrity.