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I have done some research and heard that the trooper story is just a drag. I am on Chapter 2 of Sith Warrior and I am loving it! Very interesting and the end of Chapter 1 was very enjoyable , It made me feel like a true sith! I played a marauder and i very much loved the dps gameplay but I am thinking of being tank or healer next, but I may still do DPS.

For my second character I am thinking of a trooper, Councilar, or Smuggler.

Trooper- I am thinking it would be cool to maybe be a Military tank with heavy armor, but i heard very bad things about the story.. My questions for Trooper are:
- Is story good?
- Is playing the class fun? Please state if your a vanguard or a commando.
- How is dialogue?
- How is it compared to smuggler story/gameplay and councilar story/gameplay?

Smuggler- I would most likely be a scoundral because I HATE the cover system.
- Is story good?
- do you feel weak? As a warrior I am feeling completely powerful and nothing can stop me, even Elites 2 or 3 levels higher than me.
- How is healing?
- How is it compared to Trooper story/gameplay and Councilar story/gameplay
- Is leveling as a scoundral healer feel boring?
-How is gameplay?

Councilar- Probably gonna heal here too because being a shadow doesnt really seem to be my thing and it seems like fun healing.
- Once again how is story?
- does leveling as a councilar healer feel boring?
- How does it compare to Trooper story/gameplay and Smuggler story/gameplay

I do not have time to play all the classes so please no comments like "play them all".... And please only answers from people with experience from atleast one class