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04.16.2012 , 03:38 PM | #19
Feokist - I'm glad you brought that up, I was hoping a thread like this would bubble this kind of information up so that every combat-parser author could learn from them.

I have a few other skills that I know about, I can add a list of tips to the OP.
  • Telekenitic Throw is coming up as Crushed.
  • Crushed (force) is both the Mind Crush and Force Technique's Force Breach (edited to reflect correction stated by Feokist)
  • Whirlwind shows up as Force Lift
  • Force Lightning shows up at Shocked. Note that Shock is it's own ability and can be left alone.
  • A few abilities like Burning (Tech) are dots that happen from various abilities. As of right now, we haven't identified a good way to associate them to the right spell.

Looking forward for more of these, so everyone can get a full list