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Some of these are cool ideas. I'll give you my thoughts on them below. Thanks for providing feedback, btw.
Yes, personally I put TORParse above any other web-based parsers for these little usefulnesses =) For the record, we use MOX raid-wide, I use ACT standalone but it has several issues and never is going to become SWTOR-oriented enough, so for better analysis I go to TORParse. Tanking and healing are better served there I think, plus I really like the flexibility to select various time ranges. Not that my opinion mattered much anyway.

Damage vs. power spent is a type of analysis that is supposed to show how much damage each point spent to use a particular skill brought. I'd say this type of analysis becomes crucial when optimizing the build and skill rotation considering power regen. One complication is that all classes have different mechanics for the resource.

Regarding class-specific skill names, like I posted Ops Dummy parse earlier today for the Balance Shadow - same on TORParse and AskMrRobot:,f=9,t=1
Little did you know, "Sever Force (Force)" and both "Crushed (Force)"'s are DoTs from different skills. You have my word that I'll put together a list for Shadow skill should you decide to implement this feature. Dots are very important in this game.
NB: AskMrRobot correctly splits Crushed (Force) into two positions while TORParse doesn't.
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