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Some of these are cool ideas. I'll give you my thoughts on them below. Thanks for providing feedback, btw.

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From the top of my head:
1. Skill Damage-per-Power (aka Force aka Heat aka Rage..) analysis
Interesting idea. I'm a little confused, but I think you are looking for efficiency in using skills here?

2. Power meter (spend / regen) and skill chain analysis (i.e. how densely the skills are used) - basically rotation efficiency
I like this idea, and it's definitely a possibility.

3. Tank incoming miss / dodge / deflect / parry / hits / crits analysis
My site shows these exact stats for incoming damage.

4. Absorbed damage handling
This is something that may not happen because of the way the logs are set up. When someone absorbs damage, it just shows (xxx absorbed) at the end of the line in the parse. It provides no information on how it was absorbed or who provided the absorption buff. The only way this would be possible to track was in a raid setting where there was only one person casting absorb buffs.

5. Class-specific skill presentation (e.g. Shadow Telekinetic Throw heal / channel shows up as "Crushed" which is similar to Mind Crush DoT "Crushed (Force)" and Force Technique Force Breach DoT "Crushed (Force)")
I think you are saying that some skills are not showing correctly in the parsers? Like not giving credit to the proper spell when the dot damage has a different name? If so, then you're correct, this is something I want to do, but have not gotten to it yet.

6. Dmg grouping by type (energy / kinetic / internal / elemental)
Maybe I just don't really see the value in this? But, it is certainly a parseable stat and I've seen one parser that shows it... I think it was the bitbucket one, can't remember sorry.

7. Option to display all hits / regular only / crit only
For the most part, this is already implemented on my site also, albeit just as text based parsing, nothing graphical.

That's for tank and dps only, I'm sure heals have lots of things to request too.