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Another vote for Sith Warrior. I haven't finished the storyline yet, but your LS/DS decisions seem to make the most difference, and you have a pretty good set of companions. Vette is a great character foil, and I haven't wanted to strangle her like Mako. You know, after Mako shouts "You're going to get it now!" in her 13-year old voice every 2 seconds in combat.

I liked the BH story but I wanted to kill off most of my companions except Blizz. They are all mind-bogglingly annoying and even the recruitment process for most of them are like "yeah, I don't want you in my team. I'll be watching you" yet there's no choice to kill them off, especially for Gault. Torian's been nicknamed "Bieber Fett" for his utter lack of depth, believability, and usefulness for anything other than

Blizz was the only one I brought around anyway, and he kicks *** with that hidden rocket launcher, so he makes up for all the others in sheer awesomeness. Skadge is hilarious and is probably the only companion that you'll get positive affection on DS actions, but I prefer Blizz.

Consular story made me fall asleep before the finish of Act 1 but I've heard it gets better later. The male voice actor is atrocious, and you sound bipolar rather than malicious if you choose any dark side options. And I don't think they even intended for a DS Consular to exist since the only line he ever uses is "Death is a part of the Force." So you're basically a bipolar, insane, sleep-inducing broken record. Also, the facial animations are much less well-done than the BH or SW for example. So pick a Miraluka unless you want to be stuck in the Uncanny Valley for your entire storyline.

Trooper story is great, there are quite a few tough decisions where you have to juggle your own morality versus following orders and/or the "greater good" of the Republic. I don't recall any of the decisions actually making that big a difference though.