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What is the best way to target an enemy. Ive used tab to target but im not that good at it. I have to look at the keys. When Im grouped im like standing around not hitting anything because of targeting. I dont like using the mouse. Is there a auto target I can turn on. Also, can you use a console controler, (ps3P
This is a hardware workaround and might be out of some people's budgets, however, I recently picked up a logitech G13 Gameboard and love it for playing SWTOR. I think its like $65 on amazon and has completely changed the way I play the game. You can remap keys to it so that you really don't need to move your left hand at all. It has a little thumb stick to control movement so you actually free up your fingers on your left hand from needing to use the A,S,W & D keys for movement. Couple that with a gaming mouse like the Naga Razer and you have a killer combo.
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