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02.08.2012 , 09:15 AM | #16
I'm very surprised that a few of you are putting Ops/Scoundrels on a list of SUSTAINED DPS (as that's what the op was after, not burst damage). Sustained dps wise, they rank fairly low. They have very nice burst damage from scrapper specs, but after that they quickly fall behind. Whilst it's true that DF/Leth specs can do very agreeable damage, it's not a rate of damage that cannot be matched by other classes.

Edit: I totally forgot my "reflections" on the ops original question. Having a tank I get some measure (far from a certainty) of how well classes dps. I can tell you now that gunslingers have the ability to drop enemies very quickly (esp bosses), and I find myself using provoke a lot more often with them in my party. Aside from them, there's no real noticeable difference with the other classes aside from maybe sentinels, I've noticed Sentinels (Marauder mirror) occasionally hit very hard and pull aggro if I'm being lazy.