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UPDATE Feb 2014 - The quiz is now at the domain

The Ideal Guild Quiz!!

You can take the quiz here:

What is it?
This quiz will identify the values that you deem important for your "ideal guild" to possess, and return a set of up to five recommended guilds. It will process your input through a growing database of information collected directly from guild leaders. It is home-grown, made for our very own TOR guild community.

How does it work?
Every guild leader that has added their guild to the database has answered the quiz questions themselves. Your answers are matched with each guild leader's answers. In short, the closest matching guilds will be recommended - but it is not quite that simple, because various questions are weighted differently (some being more important than others), and your answers to some of the questions will 'filter' the results like a search engine. For example, if you are under the age of 18, guilds with a minimum age requirement of 18 or over will not be recommended to you, even if you match such a guild in all other respects.

Why was this created?
The quiz benefits both guild seekers and guild leaders alike. It eliminates an enormous amount of work for the guild seeker and helps them unearth hidden gems that would otherwise be buried beneath the 70k+ other guilds in the community. Likewise, guild leaders can be assured that recruits yielded through this quiz are very likely a good match for their ideals, as opposed to those yielded through less savory indirect mass-recruiting strategies. It should not, however, be the only tool that you use to find a guild - it is intended to be one of many to help you during your search.

What happened to the first version from 2009?
The first incarnation of the quiz was an experiment, albeit a successful one. It was not made to a standard of quality that we were happy with, and it was hosted with a third party company (HelloQuizzy/OkCupid). After we realized how successful the quiz had become (over 11,000 people had taken it before we took it down a few months ago), we decided to code a new one from scratch hosted under our own control. This version has been streamlined to enable us to add guilds much more quickly, and the back-end logic used to calculate recommendations is much more fine-tuned. We can also adjust the quiz better over time as we monitor its output. This version is designed to continue working after the game's launch.

What if I'm not happy with the guilds it recommended?
It is impossible to please everyone, but let me provide some insight into some of the reasons you may not be happy with the results. Chiefly, you must understand that the quiz can only work with what it is given. If you want a guild that does not exist, it cannot create one out of thin air, and thus you will be unhappy. Also, you should know that if you are of a very young age, your selection will be severely limited because it will not display guilds that will not accept you at your age (quite literally, as I write this, approx 90% of guilds in the quiz have a minimum age requirement). Additionally, if you specify a language, it will only recommend guilds to you that speak the language you are interested in. If it is not a common language among SWTOR players, you may be recommended very few (or zero) guilds. These are just some of the reasons and they are intentional design decisions. If you think the quiz is bugged, however, please use the feedback form on the second page - it will log your results in the database along with your message and we will review your results to try to identify any issues.

How do I add my guild to the quiz?
We have a few minimum requirements necessary for guilds to meet before they can be added. Your guild must also have a recruitment thread posted (here on the official forums), and must be actively accepting new member applications. No exceptions will be made. If you meet this criteria, please email and let us know that you are interested. A few Eternal Vigilance members are standing by to field requests. Your guild leader must be the one to contact us - we will verify your identity through

Lastly, thank you for the support from the numerous guild leaders that provided feedback during the quiz's creation process. There were many differing opinions as to how to best design the quiz, and while we ultimately had to make some executive decisions, I think the community will find this version to be a vast improvement over the previous.

Support for the quiz will only be provided by emailing - no response guaranteed through any other methods. This includes adjustments needed after your guild has been added.
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