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01.28.2012 , 09:09 PM | #28
I dont think I missed anything out but here are the games I've played

Rebel Assault 1 & 2 (my very first, its like rogue squadron)
Tie fighter
X-wing vs Tie Fighter (And Balance of power)
X-Wing alliance (I was in this fansite, Emperor's Hammer where they kept live ranking of Imperial Pilots)
Rebellion (Galactic RTS, i QQed when my just newly built death star got blown up by puny x-wings)
Dark forces (Jedi knight 1 & 2, Jedi outcast and Academy)
Battlegrounds (Nice Age of the empire game with Star Wars skins )
Battlefront (not that nice IMO)
Republic Commando (so so)
Empire At War ( Loved the way ships Hyperspaced in and kicked butt)
Force Commander ( Loved the imperial Arty)
Pod Racer (Anakin's pod is no brainer to win)

The rest which i didnt mention probably sucked... Except lego, was fun but didnt really capture my attention