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Ok, so I'm a little confused.

Ok, now lets look at another ability, Ion Pulse (Tech, Elemental Damage).
From :
AmountModifierPercent = 0.01
Coefficient = 1.07
StandardHealthPercentMin = 0.086
StandardHealthPercentMax = 0.126

So your weapon has pretty much the absolute minimum effect it can with a 1.01 multiplier. Your bonus damage fares slightly better with 1.07. The level of the skill affects it decently with a 0.09 multiplier on the low end and 0.126 on the high end.

Now, how do we caculate bonus damage for a elemental tech skill? It's a combination of your primary skill, Cunning, Power and Tech Power. 276.40 + 20 + 42.55 + 281.52 = 620.47.

Min = 1.01 * 306 + 1.07 * 620.47 + 0.086 * 1490 = 1101
Max = 1.01 * 459 + 1.07 * 620.47 + 0.126 * 1490 = 1315

So Ion Pulse will do 1101-1315 damage and completely ignores armor, can't be blocked, shielded, deflected, etc.

Are all my calculations above correct? Except for the StandardHealth portion of it, because I have no idea what level I got the final rank of those skills at, but otherwise, is it all correct?

Also, one final question, what about skills that unlock from within the skill tree? For example, Assault Plastique ( That skill has an insane coefficient, but looks like it doesn't use weapon damage at all? Also, for the lookup table, would it count as a level 1 skill?
I'm a little confused by this. The OP specifically says that weapon damage is not included in force or tech abilities, but many of these abilities have an AmountModifierPercent. When I include weapon damage with the ability, the damage seems too high in comparison to the tooltip or my other abilities, but when I don't include the weapon, the damage seems too low. Is it possible that this modifier applies to something else for force and tech abilities?