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I have the same problem.

My specs:
i5 2500k
GTX 460

Before launching SWTOR, with Firefox open with several tabs:
My CPU is 1%, and RAM is 20%

As points of comparison:

With LOTRO running, plus Firefox in the background, my CPU usage is at 2%, and my RAM is at 50%.

If I play Crysis 2 multiplayer my CPU is ~50% and my RAM is at ~65%.

For SWTOR it's like this:

Before launching the game I'm at 1% CPU and 20% RAM.

At the character select screen I'm at 25% CPU and 50% RAM.

Once my character loads in fully it's at 40% CPU and 70% RAM.

Then when I do these specific things it increases RAM in small increments:

- when crossing into map zones/areas
- when interacting with NPCs
- whenever there's a loading screen, be it for PvP match, starting a Flashpoint, landing on a planet etc...

On one occasion I loaded SWTOR and I was on my own ship and the RAM was about 55%. I landed on Alderaan and it was immediately 70%. I took a taxi from the spaceport to Wardpost Landa, and every time the taxi crossed a zone line en route the RAM went up another 1 or 2 %. When I arrived at Warpost Landa the RAM was at 90%, and just after starting the game it was time to restart the game or have it crash.

It doesn't stop at 95%. It keeps going up incrementally until it crashes. I've seen it hit 98%

P.S. !!! I saw other people post that they have 8GB and even someone with 24GB of RAM with the same issue of it eventually reaching over 95% and crashing... SO, I would say, don't go out and buy more RAM. Wait for a fix to the leak.

Additional note: It seems this problem is most notable on planets. I noticed on Taris, Alderaan, and Balmorra - could be more. Someone else mentioned Quesh. Someone said maybe it's related to the quest tracker. On my own ship or on Carrick Station (Republic Fleet) I see lower RAM levels.
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