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01.22.2012 , 10:55 PM | #8
I have Windows XP sp3 as such (32 bits of course), with 2.7 real RAM, and we are MANY to have the game lag to death or freeze.

Since the latest January patch (1.1.0a), my RAM and virtual memory get overloaded in about 5 minutes on Alderaan (I'm objective/factual here, not even kidding).

I never had such issues in all the other games I played on this computer, even in PVP/FPS with good graphics and plenty of players around, and I that was with only 2 GB of RAM (I increased it just for SWTOR, in vain).

All in all, it seems that the game gobbles up about 6.5 GB of ram very very quickly. Players with very high ram are experiencing less issues of course.

I posted a detailed summary (near the bottom here) for what it is worth.

I'll try running Memory Cleaner, which I already have, but doesn't seem to do much on Win XP.