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01.18.2012 , 12:24 PM | #1
Every once in a while it dawns on me that I am teaming with folks that weren't even born when I bought the socks I am wearing. I know this as I often team with my three sons. As a 47 year-old professional who leads a multi-million dollar project for a large corporation, I am sure that many of my co-workers would be shocked if they knew that when I get home I log on to SWTOR and pretend that I am a Master Jedi for 2-3 hours. Not that it bothers me. It keeps me young in mind and heart.

It got me to thinking, "How many others out there are like me?" I'm sure I'm not the oldest player out there. So, if you fall into the geriatric crowd within SWTOR, give a shout out with your age and profession. It will be cool to know who is out there.