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01.15.2012 , 02:08 PM | #46
I broke my rule and chose body type 3 for my male BH. I did it partly because of this thread, actually, since everyone said that the powertech armour looked much better.

At first I kept thinking "I've made a huge mistake, the running animation is weird, I only have a small blaster, and my face is really wide". I've actually come to like it though, it feels great being a tank of that stature. Standing there, wielding a flamethrower, looking like a boss.

If I ever roll Sith I'm staying as body type 2 though, you don't need strength to be a Sith.

I'm actually wondering what I would look like if I rolled body type 4... it looks way too comical for my liking, but once I had some awesome armour and a helmet I think I may have looked like a real powerhouse...