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yeah guys the AH here blows as do many of the mechanics behind being able to see what you have and how you can improve it. login to rift for a second and see how they do it. all in all this thing feels very rushed just to get a new MMO out before the holidays. so to keep it constructive try adding:

-a search by this fell through the cracks is beyond me

-let me choose which windows to close instead of making me write stuff down or try and memorize all the orange items mods, enhancements, armorning, and hilts so I can actually compare them and see what is an upgrade

-how about you stop charging me 10% (seriously) to LIST AN ITEM! jokers

-how about you give me some data on a per item cost and also let me list it by this...

-how's about having the system remember what I placed a sale for and remember it for future use.

as new MMO's come out they should be performing and adding features from previous MMO's did you guys do no homework at all?

fix some of the crappy design things we come to expect in this day and generation of MMO's

1. There is a Search function, but i do admit that having to select item and category first is kind of a pain instead of a straight up search system... but I do see where they come from

2. TOTALLY agree, having windows that are needed closed, as well as where the windows are placed on the screen totally bugs me.

3. every AH in every MMO has a listing fee.... but in this case you get the fee back if you win/don't sell an item... go play wow and see the AH cuts

4. whats the point of having an internal AH memory ... prices change on a daily basis and it just doesn't seem logical, I personally like the price function that lists what the price of the item is and undercuts it a bit from what is on the GTN currently... That's a win in my book even though the economy sucks and none of my stuff sells

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