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01.13.2012 , 12:20 PM | #24
UPDATE - the latest changes have now been published to the IGQ.

A new set of filters have been added that will allow quiz-takers the ability to filter by server name, server type, and server region.

All guilds returned as results will link directly to their individual recruitment threads as well as displaying which server they are located on.

Also, the total list of guilds in the database are significantly smaller, which is due to reflecting only those which we were able to get in contact with for updating their information. We are currently in the process of attempting to contact the remaining guild leaders via forum PMs and will add them back in as potential results once we can assure their information is correct (recruitment thread links, and accuracy of which server they're playing on as the most important parts).

Unfortunately, any guilds we haven't heard from by January 31st we will be deleting from the database completely, so if you are a guild leader from a guild that was previously included and you no longer appear as a potential result (indicated by the list at, please make sure that you either reply to the email I sent on 12/27, send a message to with your updated info, or send me a PM so we can get you added back in.

Thank you again to all the guilds and community members that have continued to support the Ideal Guild Quiz - each of you are what makes this a valuable resource for everyone
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