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a space game in which you can travel in between the stars, do trading, do missions, do smuggling, would totally complete the game as 'star wars'.
Thats what im talking about, I want TOR to be the complete and ultimate Star Wars experience. While I would love a full space sim to compliment the ground game, with smugglers being able to smuggle, new ships, PvP, decorating the interiors, PoB ships, etc. I would still be happy with just a few free flight hot spots to start with and if it did well then they could expand upon it at a later date. And like I said in the OP i'm not demanding that they get to work on space immediately, there are a ton of bugs and fixes and ground content that needs tweaked, looking at you PvP, but I do want to get the voice of the pilots back out there lest bioware forgets about us