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01.08.2012 , 06:39 AM | #17
A beautiful constructive post. I to am eagerly hoping for the release of a better space engine.

I think a few small changes that could up the game is:

1.) Right now, space needs to be tied into the game. It shouldn't be a separate side quest you can pick up in your ship. It should be PART of the main story line. If I HAVE to fight my way through a fleet of enemy fighters to get to that top secret space station, suddenly my ship becomes important and I care about it. Right now using your ship doesn't have a point. I mean you get a bit of EXP and that's it. Add paint options, interior customization, and missions that blend with the galaxy instead of floating lifelessly at the side.

Bioware needs to makes space missions that blend into the actual plot line of the game. The death star wasn't some random *** side plot of the Star Wars universe. I was a super weapon that blended into the actual game.

2.) Give us some damn dialogue!
Look at Star Fox. That game was awesome! It had the same "Train Track" engine but what made it so great was the classic dialogue. Seeing your enemies pop up on the screen to threaten you, or that damn rabbit telling you to do a barrel roll... that was good stuff. Throw in some ally fighters to call me red leader and I can promise i'm going to love flying my ship MUCH MORE.