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My only problem with playing bounty hunter, which appears to have very good relationships, is...yes, the lack of a light saber. I know that bounty hunters are ridiculously awesome in their own right, as are troopers, and I've even heard that troopers and bounty hunters are, according to many people, some of the best, most fun, and most powerful classes in the game...but there's nothing like tearing through enemies with a lightsaber and the force as opposed to just shooting people with guns. Is the Bounty Hunter storyline any good? I've heard it's pretty good but it just feels weird playing a Star Wars game with a non-force using class when really, the vast majority of the series, including movies, books, shows, and games, are centered around jedi and sith.
You're certainly not the first guy I've heard who wondered about the actual combat motions made by the Bounty Hunters versus force users. For me, I knew going into the game I was going to roll with a non-Force user. I was NOT disappointed by either the smuggler or the bounty hunter, by any means, not when it comes to story. It's the story that's kept me from really going anywhere with a Jedi, for instance. Their tales, to me, seem very "meh".

I believe the reason I found the Smuggler and Bounty Hunter stories so fun was mostly the personality of those characters. They're just downright fun to play, as their dialogue and choices so often leaves me laughing my butt off. A Jedi tried to force persuade my Bounty Hunter into walking away from a fight, to which my Bounty Hunter calmly waved her hand in reply and said, "And you will realize what an idiot you are." Moments like that are priceless, and they're many of them throughout the story.

I also like that the Bounty Hunter is utterly independent. On several occasions, she has the chance to state, emphatically, "I am NOT an Imperial." There's a core of stubborn independence to the character, an attitude that says, "I will NOT do this according to your say-so but only as I think best." I like that. The Smuggler is similar. In both cases, you end up with a character who doesn't kiss anyone's butt or meekly accepts someone's direction just because they wear a pretty uniform.

And while there's none of that swishy sound you'd get if you were playing around with the Force, there's something incredibly satisfying about making a "death from above" pot shot against four or five fellows on the ground and watching them all fall down dead.

Them's my thoughts, anyway.
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