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Wow, you should receive a commendation just for writing all of that.

I'm not so certain a more open-ended space experience is the way to go...consider the SW movies you quoted, and think about how they appeared in the film: the camera followed the character in their craft...a bit like the space combat in the game.

That said, if they decided to turn the combat into Xwing v TIE fighter I certainly wouldn't complain...I loved those games...

But there is a lot they can improve in the space game, and the devs have dropped not-so-subtle hints that they've got something big planned but can't say anything yet. I think Reid and Ohlen have both said this.

I think the rail combat would be a lot better if it was just upgraded. There's no bosses, little variation and the missions can sometimes be carbon copies of one another with a few slight changes here or there.