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Just wanted to share one of those Lore objects with u all that is listed under bugged Nar shaddaa:

Data Slicing:

This lore object is actually obtainble by both Empire and Republic, there was some rumor that it was only obtainble by Republic, this is false

The Data Slicing lore object is found in the Corellian Sector for emipre, open up the map when u land with ur taxi and the cords are around (x,y) "3675, 1342" its on a working bench attended by 2 exchange hostile humanoids called "exchange mechanics"

now this is very intresting, this would mean that there are 2 different datapads containing the lore of Data Slicing, one for Republic and one for Emipre.

Could this mean that this is the case for more objects? that would mean that previously stated info: that this and that lore object is only obtainble by the Empire or Republic is completely false! U only need to look again!