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01.02.2012 , 07:18 AM | #27
Played every class over 10 but only took Vanguard, Shadow, Sniper, Juggernaut and Mercenary to high levels.

Most fun for me has been the Sniper because the story is awesome and this AC is everything I was expecting it to be (ie. high single target damage at long range with the rifle). Once its bugs are cleared out, it'll be perfect.

The Merc was good too but I'm a little disappointed by the repetitive storyline and the tracer missile spam (I got two guns, I don't want to spam missiles).

The Juggernaut felt really weak at low levels but is finally starting to be interesting, I feel that the class isn't focused enough though, it shouldn't need that many abilities to perform above average. Story's awesome though.

The Vanguard is really weird to play. I enjoy it a lot in PvP but find it clunky and repetitive (yet effective) in PvE. I'm not decided on it yet. Story is pretty generic but good.

The Shadow is interesting to play as a tank but has way too many abilities. The story is extremely bland and that's one of the reasons I shelved that character in the middle of Act II.