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Edit: I have to agree with the previous poster who didn't like Hutta. It just sucks so bad. And to add to his comments, it's also too easy to find yourself at level 4 or 5 and all of your quests are orange, yet you have no more to do. Both of the Republic starting worlds are sooo much better. Korriban is pretty good, too.
I don't agree Sir. I find Hutta one of the best starting worlds, far far better than the terribly boring Tython.....

As far as classes are concerned, I have an Assassin (tank tree) in his early 30s, and it's fun to play, although probably something is still missing (late bloomer?). The story is great though

The BH's story is very nice, and the plus it's the fact of being located on Hutta

I've started a Sage, it will be a DPS sage: I also find the sorceror's lightning a bit boring on the long run, much better the telekinetics effects of the Sage (although it's true it kills throwing pebbles, as someone said before )

I think the different opinions we all have testify the good quality of the game!

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